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ACPM News April 2016
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April 2016


1. From the President
2. Latest Happenings
3. Member Highlights 
4. Corporate Roundtable


  From the President


Over 30,000 firearm-related deaths each year in the U.S.  Mass shootings at schools and workplaces. Toddlers accidently shooting their mothers, and each other. The firearm epidemic rages on, and little is being done to slow it.

Some, at least, are willing to speak up, and ACPM has joined their ranks over the last few months.  Last fall, we signed on to a position paper generated by the American College of Physicians and endorsed by over 50 medical specialty societies and the American Bar Association: https://www.acponline.org/acp_policy/policies/firearm-related_injury_and_death_2015.pdf

And in February the ACPM Board of Regents approved our own position paper, developed by the ACPM Policy Committee.  Among other things, it puts ACPM on record as supporting:

  • Background checks for all firearms purchasers including sales by gun dealers, sales at gun shows, sales made online and private gun sales between individuals
  • Bans on the possession, manufacture, transfer, sale, and import of assault weapons as well as a ban on large-capacity ammunition magazines
  • Improved access to mental healthcare and reducing the risk of firearm-related deaths and injuries through effective treatment and prevention
  • Removal of all federal restrictions and adequate funding of the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) to study the effect of gun violence and unintentional gun-related injury on public health and safety
  • Laws that subject guns to consumer product regulations regarding child access, safety, and design. These include trigger locks, lock boxes, personalized safety mechanisms, and trigger pressures that are too high for young children
  • The legal ability of physicians to speak openly to their patients about firearms,  fully answering questions and advising them on the course of behaviors that promote health and safety

In my view, the ACPM position paper is the most comprehensive and fully appropriate such statement issued by any organization to date.  There is much more to it than I can cut-and-paste here.  I would encourage you to read it in its entirety.

Until congressional leaders muster the courage to tackle this problem, I recognize that little will be done to stem the tide of firearm-related injuries and deaths. But the ACPM position paper is one more step toward galvanizing the collective will to take action.


Daniel Blumenthal, MD, MPH, FACPM
American College of Preventive Medicine 

 Latest Happenings


ACPM was one of two co-sponsors of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce-hosted event, “Innovations in Workplace and Community Wellness: Aligning Business Goals With a Healthy Workforce,” held April 7 in Washington, DC.  The half-day event showcased the linkage between health and performance, the impact of federal regulations on wellness programs, and strategies to influence behavior change.  The forum also explored policies that address total health (physical, financial, spiritual, mental, etc.).

The event drew nearly 100 people from U.S. Chamber member companies in the health care field, such as pharmaceutical companies, hospitals, and insurers, along with experts in the health promotion field, medical directors, Washington representatives, and government officials.  The forum was keynoted by ACPM Fellow Ron Loeppke, U.S. Preventive Medicine; Dee Edington, University of Michigan and Edington Associates; and James Prochaska, University of Rhode Island Cancer Prevention Research Center and Pro-Change Behavior Systems, Inc.  ACPM executive director Michael Barry had the privilege to moderate the session, “Views from the Top: Deciphering an Evolving Landscape, featuring two longstanding experts in the field of workplace health and population management: Dr. Louise Short, Mercer, and Anne Marie Ludovici-Connolly, AMLC Corporate Health & Behavior Change Consulting.




A listing of activities in which ACPM has been involved on behalf of the organization in the past month

ACPM meets with HHS Secretary Burwell on National Diabetes Prevention Program 

ACPM Associate Executive Director Dani Pere participated in an intimate roundtable and press conference with HHS Secretary Burwell on March 23rd, prior to a major announcement by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) that a pilot program of the National Diabetes Prevention Program (NDPP) has shown to improve healthcare quality while reducing costs. ACPM used the opportunity to directly relay to the Secretary the need for CMS to officially cover the NDPP as a preventive service and the important role that ACPM will play in educating the physician community on promoting screening for prediabetes and referrals to the NDPP. The roundtable and press event were hosted by the national YMCA, a close partner of ACPM.

The NDPP is a year-long lifestyle change program developed by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). The effectiveness of this program—buoyed by insurance providers’ potential coverage and physicians’ understanding when to refer patients to local CDC-recognized providers—could prove critical for the 86 million Americans who have prediabetes and the approximately 15-30% of them who will develop type 2 diabetes in the next five years.

Physicians are essential to the program's success because roughly 90% of patients with high blood glucose levels do not know they have prediabetes or that a local lifestyle change program could help them improve their health. ACPM has worked to increase awareness among physicians about the NDPP program and partnered with the CDC, American Medical Association (AMA), YMCA, and others on activities such as a ‘Preventing Diabetespanel discussion held for preventive medicine specialists and through an upcoming series of Lifestyle Medicine Trainings for providers of cardiovascular screening services to low income and underserved women.

ACPM Grassroots at Work

ACPM is pleased to report that member engagement in the College’s advocacy efforts led to strong support for the House and Senate "Dear Colleague" letters opposing the President's proposed FY2017 $4 million cut to the Health Resources and Services Administration’s (HRSA) line-item that supports preventive medicine residency training programs.  Through your efforts we even succeeded in surpassing last year's level of support on the Senate letter!

This puts us in a very favorable position as appropriators start the work required over the next few months to draft and consider the FY2017 funding bill for the Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA).  As in past years, it is not possible to predict what the end game will look like at this stage of the process, but the good news is we're well positioned at the start.

Please click on the letters to access the full list of supporters and consider thanking your members of Congress who signed the letter for their continued support of preventive medicine. 

National Violence Prevention Network


ACPM, as the chair of the National Violence Prevention Network (NVPN) advocated for leaders in the House and Senate to sign-on to ‘Dear Colleague’ letters initiated by Rep. Michael Quigley (D-IL) and Sen. Edward Markey (D-MA) to urge that appropriators provide $23.5 million to complete the nationwide expansion of the National Violent Death Reporting System (NVDRS) in FY2017. The final House and Senate letters had a total of 15 and 4 signatures respectively.

The National Violent Death Reporting System (NVDRS), administered by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) National Center for Injury Prevention and Control, is a comprehensive, linked reporting system that collects and centralizes information on homicides and suicides from a variety of sources, such as medical examiners and coroners, law enforcement, public health officials and crime labs. Information from NVDRS provides a better understanding of the circumstances surrounding violent deaths and helps state public health officials and their partners design and implement effective prevention policies and programs. For more information about NVPN and NVDRS visit www.preventviolence.net

Antibiotic Resistance
ACPM joined 48 other organizations on a sign-on letter urging Congress to continue to support activities to combat antimicrobial resistance. Click here to learn more about the National Action Plan for Resisting Antimicrobial Bacteria

Friends of AHRQ
ACPM was one of 175 organizations that signed on to a letter from the Friends of AHRQ requesting that Congress appropriate $364 million for FY2017, consistent with President’s request, to fund research that determines how to make care as effective, efficient, affordable, equitable, and safe as possible.

Adult Vaccine Access Coalition
ACPM is one of 45 organizations that are part of the Adult Vaccine Access Coalition that works to strengthen and enhance access to and utilization of adult immunizations. AVAC, with ACPM’s support, sent a letter urging Congress to prioritize immunization-related programs and sufficiently fund Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Office of the National Coordinator for Health IT and National Vaccine Program Office for FY 2017.


ACPM is pleased to announce it has signed a new affiliation agreement with the Medical Fitness Association (MFA), a non-profit, professional association representing medically-based fitness centers in the United States and eleven other countries.  The Medical Fitness Association offers continuing education,  industry benchmark data, annual, regional and specialty conferences, and a comprehensive international facility certification program—the only in existence.


By positioning its centers as extensions of physician’s offices, medically-based fitness centers serve as a primary tool in creating an accountable preventive health system and in managing population health.  The strategic partnership encourages both organizations to share their expertise and expand the opportunities for educating members on the best ways to make a positive difference in the health and wellness of their members, patients and communities.


ACPM is issuing a call for physician presenters for the Medical Fitness Association (MFA) conference in Orlando, FL, Saturday, November 19. MFA is looking for a physician speaker that can emphasize using outcomes to bridge the trust gap between certified exercise professionals and physicians as referral sources for Exercise is Medicine® programs used both in the treatment of chronic conditions and prevention. Please note: no travel expenses or honorarium will be provided by either ACPM or MFA. If you are interested in speaking, please send your CV and Letter of Interest (including an outline of a proposed 60-minute presentation) to Danielle Pere, Associate Executive Director of ACPM, at dpere@acpm.org by Thursday, April 21.


Why Aren't Millions of Americans Getting Preventive Care?

ACPM President, Daniel Blumenthal, MD, MPH, FACPM and ACPM Fellow Reed Tuckson, MD, FACPM authored an article in STAT on the disparities of preventive care.

Maine Med Plants Seeds for Doctors to Focus on Health Impact of Food

ACPM Associate Executive Director for Policy, Advocacy & External Affairs, Paul Bonta, MA was quoted in the Portland Press Herald about the Maine Medical Center's new Preventive Medicine Residency Program. 


ACPM, under a grant from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) National Center for Injury Prevention and Control, recently submitted a new CPT (Current Procedural Technology) code request to the AMA CPT Editorial Panel for falls risk assessment in the clinical setting.  ACPM has been working with an advisory committee of falls risk assessment experts across multiple specialties to prepare the application.

If approved by the CPT Editorial Panel, ACPM would work with other primary care specialty societies to determine an appropriate valuation for the new CPT code and present its recommendation before the AMA Relative Value Update Committee (RUC) this fall.   ACPM has submitted a request to the CDC for continuing funding of this work.

For more information please contact Paul Bonta at pbonta@acpm.org.



You may have noticed a larger presence of conference-related content on social media both before and during the Preventive Medicine 2016 conference. This was a direct result of creating a new, experimental planning group (Chair: Jameson Voss and Assistant Chair: Aristotle Sun) focused on social media promotion for the conference.  The initiative achieved its aim of increasing conference attendance and member engagement using social media, as leaders and members of each conference track, ACPM leadership, speakers, and many ACPM members engaged in social media about the conference in advance of and throughout the conference.

We want to maintain this momentum following the Preventive Medicine 2016 conference and welcome you to this growing movement within the College!  As more ACPM members use social media, the greater the opportunity to broaden awareness and understanding of preventive medicine beyond the ACPM membership.

In collaboration with Amelia Burke-Garcia, the Senior Director of Digital Strategy at Westat, the social media conference planning team developed a slide set with five training modules to enable any ACPM member to learn more about how to use social media to promote preventive medicine and his/her professional endeavors. Module topics include: Introduction, Getting Started, Metrics, Applications, and Conference Use. If you have any questions about the modules or the growing interest in social media in the College, feel free to contact Jameson Voss at jamesonvoss@gmail.com or Aristotle Sun at aristotle.sun@gmail.com


Member Highlights 



ACPM Fellow Ronit Katz, MD, FACPM, was recently promoted from Lieutenant Colonel  (CA) to Colonel (CA).   Dr. Katz, a Staff Physician at the VA Palo Alto Health Care System, currently is Chair Elect of the AMA’s International Medical Graduate Governing Council.  She also is running for a position on the AMA’s Women Physicians Section Governing Council.   Congratulations Dr. Katz and good luck on the election!

Congratulations to ACPM Fellow Kevin Sherin, MD, MPH, FACPM, who was inducted into the Florida State University Chapman Chapter of the Gold Humanism Honor Society!  Dr. Sherin was chosen from over 30 outstanding faculty members nominated and selected by students in the Class of 2016 based on selection criteria including the ability to consistently demonstrate compassion and empathy in the delivery of care to patients and the ability to serve as a role model  for students and colleagues.

 Corporate Roundtable



ACPM welcomes three new members to its Corporate Roundtable in 2016: MyLife Recovery Centers (Gold), Mars Symbioscience (Silver), and Takeda Pharmaceuticals U.S.A (Bronze).  These members bring additional diversity to ACPM’s growing and already diverse stable of corporate partners.  For a full list of Corporate Roundtable members please visit http://www.acpm.org/?CRMembers

Established in 2008, ACPM’s Corporate Roundtable links ACPM, the nation’s sole medical specialty organization exclusively dedicated to preventive medicine, with highly regarded private-sector organizations committed to preventing disease, promoting health, and improving patient care. Twice each year the ACPM and its Corporate Roundtable members convene to discuss topics of critical importance related to disease prevention, population health, and the building of sustainable healthcare systems.

“As a medical specialty dedicated to preventive medicine, we value the partnerships we have with our Corporate Roundtable members,” said Michael Barry, CAE, ACPM Executive Director. “Our private-sector partners bring unique perspectives, approaches, and innovations to solving today’s health problems, and their relationship with the College and participation in the Roundtable help create shared value and collective impact as we seek to transform from sick care to true health systems.”

The next ACPM Corporate Roundtable meeting is scheduled to take place at ACPM headquarters in Washington, DC, October 18.  Please contact Maureen Simmons at msimmons@acpm.org or 1-202-466-2044, Ext. 120 to learn more about the ACPM Corporate Roundtable.


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