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A Time to Refresh
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From the Executive Director
July 2017

"We must always change, renew, rejuvenate ourselves; otherwise, we harden."  
– Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, German writer and statesman

These words were never more true than today. Like any successful organization, we at ACPM are working to "keep it fresh." Our refresh efforts today stretch from our governance, to strategies, to programs.

Governance refresh

Our governance structures begin with our Board of Regents, which sets our policies, develops our strategies, and assures the resources and programs to meet our mission and strategic goals. In recent years, we streamlined and re-invented our Board to be the most effective steward possible of your organization. Board members collectively now meet a set of competency and diversity requirements. Individually, they are Fellows of the College who have been cultivated for leadership through years of service to the organization and specialty.

With that, I'd like to introduce you to the new Board of Regents, installed at the Preventive Medicine 2017 conference in Portland. Congratulations to this year's election winners, Stephanie Zaza, President-elect; Olugbenga Obasanjo, Regent At-large (2nd term); Jason Spangler, Regent At-large (1st term); and Joseph Woodring, Regent At-large (1st term). In addition, we welcome Mirza Rahman as Treasurer, appointed by ACPM President Bob Carr to finish the term of Kevin Sherin, who had to step down for personal reasons. You will hear from many of our Board members and committee chairs in the coming months, as they will author columns in future editions of ACPM News.

Strategy refresh

In last month's ACPM News you were introduced to ACPM President Bob Carr, along with his vision for success and our refreshed strategic plan, adopted by the Board in April. The refreshed strategic plan maintains the same four strategic pillars, or goals, that have continued to inspire and drive us since 2014. However, the refreshed plan offers new strategies, key activities, and performance targets that will move us closer to achieving these goals.

We are mobilizing across the organization to optimize our success in achieving these goals. Our execution plans start with our Strategy and Board Development Committee (Chair: Stephanie Zaza), which is overseeing the development of work plans, timelines, and performance dashboards to manage, track, and report our progress. The committee also will assure our strategies and work plans stay current as new opportunities and threats emerge. Most importantly, we are aligning all our committees, operations, budgets, and staffing with these priorities and work plans. 

At each of its bi-monthly meetings, the Board reviews progress on goals and directs where we need to make adjustments if we get off track. The Board also will devote substantive time (i.e., its Spotlight Issue) to review of one of the four pillars. These reviews examine the state of the environment, as well as threats and opportunities related to achieving the goal.

This month's Spotlight Issue focused on priority #3, delivering value to our members. While our discussion was insightful and instructive, it was incomplete. The missing ingredient is input from you, our members, on what is needed to improve our value proposition. More specifically, we would like to hear from you around these questions:

  • Why did you join the College?
  • What has compelled you to stay a member?
  • What value do you receive from your membership?
  • What value will ACPM need to deliver to keep you a member, or become further engaged?

Please share your thoughts with me using the form at the bottom of this page.

Tactics/Delivery mechanisms refresh

In order to successfully deliver upon the new strategies we have adopted, we will need to refresh, re-engineer, or re-invent some of our programs. Notwithstanding its growth and strong reviews, our annual Preventive Medicine conference is one such program.

We are already working on exciting changes for Preventive Medicine 2018. Dr. Carr has selected as his theme for the conference, "Prevention at the Nexus of Health Systems Transformation."  He also has selected two outstanding co-chairs to lead the planning: Cathy Witkop and Jason Spangler. Drs. Carr, Witkop, Spangler, and the planning team have identified a revamped set of tracks to guide conference planning, with an eye toward innovation and integration of content and its delivery. The new tracks better reflect where health care is headed. Of course, we need your help in shaping this new structure. If you are interested in helping with planning, contact Jessica Bradshaw.

Maintaining freshness is important. We want you to know your organization is adapting to the times and continuing to meet the evolving needs and expectations of its members. However, as you know from that produce you bought at the market last week, freshness can be fleeting. I call on you, our members, to engage and help us assure that our purpose, approach, and activities do not harden.

Member Feedback

ACPM greatly values your opinion and would like your input regarding the following questions. Thank you for your feedback.

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