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The American College of Preventive Medicine (ACPM) is pleased to provide non-profit and for-profit organizations with the opportunity to receive ACPM certification of health and wellness programs and services. ACPM evaluates these products and services based on currently available evidence and will "certify" those that meet these rigorous standards. In this case, ACPM is evaluating weight management programs for certification. Organizations that have received ACPM certification for their weight management program will be able to market the product as such to potential customers.

The ACPM certification program allows organizations to apply to certify that their program meets ACPM’s rigorous, evidence-based standards for health promotion and weight management. Obesity is one of the nations most critical and challenging public health issues. As our nation’s attention continues to shift toward prevention and wellness, consumers need a trusted entity to which they can turn for credible, scientific review of products and programs. Organizations that have received ACPM certification for their weight management program will be able to market the product as such to potential customers. And, for the first time, consumers will have the ability to seek the certification seal when assessing their options to create and support a healthy lifestyle.

ACPM evaluates weight management programs against evidence-based best practice criteria for both their overall program content and individual process elements, placing emphasis on health improvement. The criteria includes:

Evidence-based weight loss strategies (50%)

  • Nutrition education and proper dietary strategy
  • Physical activity or exercise counseling and safety
  • Use of behavioral or cognitive-behavioral strategies with patient education

Medical monitoring (30%)

  • Clinical team oversight
  • Biometric monitoring
  • Medical monitoring of high risk patients
  • Measurement of Cardiovascular Disease risk factors for outcomes

Weight maintenance phase (10%)

Patient supports (10%)

  • Patients understand harms and benefits of the program
  • Electronic supports
  • Social supports

Certification Process and Criteria

Program Application

For additional information about the ACPM Weight Management Certification program and process, complete the contact form below and an ACPM staff member will contact you directly.

News & Research

Rigor of Weight-Loss Programs Difficult to Identify
RESEARCH SUMMARY - February 10, 2016

Research published in the journal Obesity has shown how difficult it can be for patients and physicians to find a weight-loss program rigorous enough to meet evidence-based weight management practices. The authors concluded that the research suggests there are few rigorous weight-loss clinics in their region and that those following evidence-based guidelines are difficult to identify through public-facing information alone. Evidence like this shows the need for more concise and direct ways of communicating the rigor of weight-loss programs directly to customers and medical professionals.

American College of Preventive Medicine Certifies RediClinic’s Weigh Forward® Program
PRESS RELEASE - May 7, 2014

The American College of Preventive Medicine (ACPM) announced today that it has certified RediClinic’s Weigh Forward® weight/lifestyle management program as meeting evidence-based standards for healthy weight loss. This is the first time in ACPM’s nearly 60-year history that the organization has certified a third-party program, and it signifies the launch of its new weight management certification program.

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