ACPM Headlines 3/4/11 Special PM11 Edition
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In This Issue:

  1. The Stars Were Out in Texas – PM 2011 Recap

  2. Miriam Alexander assumes ACPM Presidency

  3. ACPM Board meets – approves lifestyle medicine academy

  4. Congrats to this year’s election winners

  5. ACPM honors award winners and new Fellows

  6. PM 2011 scientific award winners

  7. ACPM/ABPM conduct MOC Part IV session

  8. Residency directors engage with ACGME Prev Med RRC

  9. ACPM convenes first session on social media

  10. ACPM hosts semi-annual Corporate Roundtable meeting

  11. Thank you … and on to Orlando!

By Liana Lianov, MD, MPH, FACPM, Preventive Medicine 2011 Chair

Preventive Medicine 2011—the annual meeting ofthe American College of Preventive Medicine, in collaboration with the American College of Medical Quality and the American College of Lifestyle Medicine—by all accounts wasa resounding success!Attendance was strong with over 800 participants and, as program Chair, I received many positive comments from attendees at the meeting.

Organized around the timely theme, "Implementing Prevention and Quality in a New Era,” the meeting opened with a uniquely creative and inspirational presentation by the KBS Guest Lecturer David KatzMD,MPH, FACPMDirector, Prevention Research Center, Yale University School of Medicine. The subsequent powerful plenary session with two other nationally and internationally acclaimed lifestyle medicine experts, Dean Ornish, MD, Founder and President of the Preventive Medicine Research Institute, and William H. Dietz MD, PhD, Director, Division of Nutrition, Physical Activity and Obesity at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, reflected the strong new partnership between ACPM and ACLM(see article #3)in response to growing interest in this field. The long-term successful partnership with ACMQ at this annual event included the plenary by Glenn Steele Jr, MD, PhD,President and CEO, Geisinger Health System. And enthusiastic and informative presentations by Miriam Alexander, MD, MPH, FACPM,ACPM President and Director, Johns Hopkins Preventive Medicine Residency Program, and Eduardo Sanchez, MD, MPH,Medical Director, Blue Cross, Blue Shield of Texas, rounded out this year’s plenary sessions.

This year’s pre-conference institutes were exceptionally popular, offering the annual Preventive Medicine Review Institute and new skill-building institutes on medical group visits and the clinical practice of preventive/lifestyle medicine. This year the Local Health Authority Institute took attendees on a tour of the Emergency Operations Center and Texas Center for Infectious Diseases Institute. Concurrent sessions addressed a broad range of current and emerging issues in public health, clinical preventive/lifestyle medicine and medical quality. The Clinical Prevention and Lifestyle Medicine Track, chaired by Clarence Ing MD, MPH, FACPM, and Padmini Ranasinghe MD, MPH, brought back popular topics in exercise, nutrition and health behavior change, as well as less traditional ones such as the role of sleep in chronic disease and the psychosocial determinants of chronic disease. The Policy Track, chaired by Sara Brenner MD, MPH, and Kimberly Siu, MD, MPH, highlighted advocacy through the media, comparative effectiveness in decision making, and the biotechnology landscape. Through the Public Health Practice Track, chaired by Christopher Sullivan MD, MPH, FACPM, and Sarah Schillie, MD, MPH, attendees learned about public health considerations of the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, challenges of serving the homeless and underserved, and public health threats on the US/Mexican border. The Career Development sub-track, chaired by Sam Peik, MD, MPH,showcased great careers in preventive medicine, maintenance of certification, and the RPS/YPS/MSS lecture on career perspectives graced by the former Surgeon General David Satcher, MD, PhD, FACPM, and the renowned Kenneth H. Cooper, MD, MPH, FACPM. The Medical Quality track, chaired by Alan Krumholz, MD, featured health reform topics focused on accountable care organizations, as well as medical errors and ethics. Annual favorite concurrent session offerings included updates from the USPSTF and the Task Force on Community Preventive Services, adolescent health, vaccines, and public health and preventive medicine challenges in Iraq and Afghanistan. Also a special session on leveraging social media for population health improvement was relevant and timely (see article #9).

Another highlight was the visit by U.S. Surgeon General Regina Benjamin, MD, MBA, at the ACPM Town Hall forum. Her leadership and support of prevention and encouragement of our preventive and lifestyle medicine endeavors was uplifting. A diverse array of wellness activities for participants were offered this year thanks to the leadership of Robert Oldham, MD, MSHA, and the Wellness Committee, featuring early morning "Walk the Doc” group walks at the local park, a meditation session, and a physician work-life balance program. Our member-driven Marketing Committee chaired by Eric Deussing MD, MPH, and Peter Seguin, MD, MPH, utilized social media in addition to traditional channels of communication to advertise the meeting via Facebook and Twitter. In keeping with tradition, ACPM offered an exceptional line-up of scientific abstract presentations; presenters were selected through the abstract review procedure and standard evaluation criteria developed by Lorraine Yeung, MD, MPH, FACPM, and the Scientific Review Committee. A variety of other special sessions, committee and section meetings, receptions, and other networking events rounded out the program. Lastly, ACPM provided a Welcome and Orientation session for new Preventive Medicine attendees to help maximize their meeting experience as well as engagement with the College. Click to view the slide presentation from that session, featuring ACPM President Miriam Alexander, ACPM Executive Director Mike Barry, and myself.

As with all of our annual meetings, a lot of people worked hard to make Preventive Medicine 2011a success. Many thanks for the contributions of the Track and Committee Chairs and the long list of committee members, speakers, moderators, and poster presenters. And of course the high number of attendees also made this meeting exceptional. The unwavering dedication, leadership and support by the ACPM staff is always crucial to the success of the meeting. It was such a pleasure to work with you! And last, but not least, thanks to our Immediate Past-President Mark Johnson, MD, MPH, FACPM, for entrusting me with the job of Meeting Chair; I am confident that Preventive Medicine 2012 will be even better under the capable leadership of Mary Applegate, MD, MPH, FACPM, and with the support of our new President Miriam Alexander, MD, MPH, FACPM. Looking forward to a warm visit to Orlando and seeing everyone next February!

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Miriam Alexander, MD, MPH, FACPM, stepped into ACPM's top leadership position as its 43rd President on Saturday, February 19, at ACPM's awards banquet in San Antonio, TX. Dr. Alexander currentlyserves as the director of the general preventive medicine residency programanda faculty member at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health. Her faculty responsibilities include directing the Mid-Atlantic Public Health Training Center and providing medical direction to the community health worker program of the Urban Health Institute. She also is the occupational medical director for McCormick and Company.

Dr. Alexander has served ACPM in many capacities, including president of both the Association of Preventive Medicine Residents (now called the ACPM Resident Physician Section) and the Young Physicians Section, chair of the Membership Committee, Awards Committee, and MOC Part IV Task Force, and two terms as the Mid-Atlantic Regent. She was the recipient of both the ACPM Rising Star Award and ACPM Distinguished Service Award. She also has demonstratedher commitment to the specialty of preventive medicine by having served 9 years on the American Board of Preventive Medicine, most recently as the Vice Chair for General Preventive Medicine, and currently serving on the Residency Review Committee for Preventive Medicine of the ACGME and on the ABMS MOC TaskForce.

In her acceptance speech, Dr. Alexander highlighted several key priorities for her presidency.

"I hope to continue and enhance our emphasis on policy to affect health.…we must be a leader in developing and implementing policies to reduce the burden of suffering from chronic disease; these are not problems that will be solved in the physician exam room.”

"To advance our agenda, we must and will continue to grow our strategic relationships with organizations that share many of our core values.”

"We must stay on mission and work on our messaging.”

Click to view Dr. Alexander’s acceptance speech.

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Also Adopts 2011 Budget and Authorizes Infrastructure Investments

The ACPM Board of Regents at its February 16 business meeting in San Antonio approved an application from the American College of Lifestyle Medicine (ACLM) for a charter to become an academy of ACPM. Academies are component societies of ACPM comprised of preventive medicine professionals representing geographic regions, similar employment sectors/pathways, or related disciplines within medicine. ACLM joins the California Academy of Preventive Medicine, the North Carolina Academy of Preventive, and the Uniformed Services Academy of Preventive in the fold of ACPM component societies.

ACLM, a 501(c)(6) non-profit corporation, is a national medical specialty society for healthcare professionals who utilize lifestyle interventions as the primary therapeutic tool in the treatment and management of disease. The charter formalizes the relationship between ACLM and ACPM, which have collaborated the past two years around the organizations’ annual meetings as well as other key initiatives, including the development and publication of lifestyle medicine competencies for physicians. While each organization remains independent under the charter, the relationship will provide ACPM witha recruiting arm in a rapidly-growing field, a new venue for providing preventive medicine- and lifestyle medicine-related program development and advocacy, as well as a potential partner in joint activities. Likewise, the relationship will enhance ACLM’s ability to have a voice in organized medicine, provide support for ACLM initiatives aligned with preventive medicine, and enable ACLM to engage with ACPM in collective strategic planning to move the field of lifestyle medicine forward.

Among other actions at its meeting, the ACPM Board approved the FY 2011 budget, which projects a modest (2%) deficit, but directed the Executive Director to find new revenues or cut additional operating expenses during the year to assure a balanced budget. Coming off a very strong financial performance in 2010, the Board also provided ACPM staff with budget authority this year to upgrade ACPM’s aging and antiquated membership database with new association management software. For its "Spotlight Issue,” the Board discussed trends toward competency-based professional development and the potential impact on physician education. For more information on the Board meeting, contact Mike Barry at ACPM.

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ACPM at the recent Preventive Medicine 2011 conference announced the winners of this year’s elections to the ACPM Board of Regents:

  • President-Elect – Halley Faust, MD

  • Occupational Medicine Regent – Carolyn Murray, MD

  • Aerospace Medicine Regent – Mary Anderson, MD

  • Midwest Regent – Christopher Sullivan, MD

  • Northeast Regent – Penny Stern, MD

  • Southeast Regent – Elizabeth (Betsey) Tilson, MD

Congratulations to the winners as well as all of this year’s outstanding nominees.

ACPM also would like to recognize and thank the outgoing Board members for their tremendous leadership, service, and contributions to the College, including: Michael Parkinson, MD (Past President); Christopher Armstrong, MD (Aerospace Medicine Regent); James Tacci, MD (Occupational Medicine Regent); Ron Stout, MD (Midwest Regent); and Mary Applegate, MD (Northeast Regent). Mark Johnson now assumes the role of Immediate-Past President, while Miriam Alexander, MD, takes the reins as ACPM President.

Please join us in welcoming the new Board members and thanking the exiting members for their service! For information on each Board member, please visit:

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ACPM celebrated its leaders, award winners, and new Fellowsat the ACPM Awards/New Fellows banquet on February 19 in San Antonio, capping off an outstanding Preventive Medicine 2011.

ACPM would like to congratulate the following award winners:

  • Hugh Tilson, MD – Ronald Davis Special Recognition Award

  • Robert Gilchick, MD – ACPM Distinguished Service Award

  • Ryung Suh, MD – William Kane Rising Star Award

  • Sam Peik, MD – Donald Gemson Resident Award

The College was also very pleased to welcome the new class of Fellows for the 2011-membership year. The new Fellows are:

Ayanna V. Buckner, MD
James Cheek, MD
Ann Duerr, MD
Lynne Feldman, MD
Vincent Fonseca, MD
Brent Gibson, MD
Jeffrey R. Harris, MD
Sharon K. Hull, MD
Patrick Keller, MD
Christopher Littell, MD
Patricia L. Meinhardt, MD
Jennifer Rooke, MD
David Shih, MD
Margaret Shih, MD
Deborah Thompson, MD
Marilyn Washburn, MD
Mary Yarbrough, MD

For more information on the award winners and new Fellows, including bios and photos, please visit:

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Each year the Preventive Medicine conference provides a platform for some of the best and brightest minds in the field to showcase their talents, and Preventive Medicine 2011 did not disappoint. This year’s winners are:

Poster Award Winners

Outstanding Scientific Poster Presentations

  • Prevention Policy: A Call to Action: The State of Tanning Salons, Skin Cancer, and Policy Nicolle Martin
  • Clinical Preventive and Lifestyle Medicine: Improving the Reliability of Colonoscopy Follow-up at Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center (DHMC) Jocelyn Carter
  • Public Health Practice:Management of Pregnancy in a Medicaid Population Mary Mason, Amy Poole-Yaeger, Brad Lucas

Outstanding Resident or Student Scientific Poster Presentation

  • Clinical Preventive and Lifestyle Medicine: Controlling Hypercholesterolemia in a Primary Care Residency Practice: Three-Year Prospective Analysis of a Provider-Directed Chart Reminder System Jonathan Barry, Avinash Reddy
  • Public Health Practice:Behavioral Risk Factors for Breast and Gynecological Cancers among Lesbian and Bisexual Women Compared to Heterosexual Women in the United States Alecia Blake
  • Prevention Policy:Support for Smoke-free Work Environments in Bar and Nightclub Employees from Large Cities Around the World Alefiyah Mesiwala

Oral Presentation Award Winners

  • Risk Factors for Medical Disability Retirement in U.S. Enlisted Marines, 2001-2009. Cynthia Sikorski
  • Asthma Control Among Children with Asthma in the United States Joannie Shen

Congratulations to all poster and oral abstract winners and a special thanks to our judges for taking the time to review and score these presentations! ACPM alsocommends and thanks the Scientific Review Committee, led by ACPM Fellow Lorraine Yeung, for its painstaking efforts reviewing and selecting the oral and poster abstracts submitted for Preventive Medicine 2011.

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Partnering with the American Board of Preventive Medicine, ACPM convened the first Maintenance of Certification (MOC) Part IV Expert Panel at Preventive Medicine 2011.The panel was designed as an opportunity for ABPM diplomates (and future diplomates) to learn more about the ABPM MOC Part IV Program, the future of MOC, and ACPM’s MOC programming for initial or recertifying diplomates.ACPM’s MOC leadership team was joined by the ABPM team, including Executive Director Glenn Merchant, MD, MPH&TM, FACPM, to address questions ranging from the basics of MOC to specific Part IV guidelines.

This session was recorded and will be available through the ACPM MOC website.

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This year’s annual preventive medicine residency directors workshop proved to be one of the more lively gatherings in recent memory, as residency directors had a unique opportunity to discuss their specific questions regarding the new preventive medicine program requirements with Dr. Patricia Surdyk, Executive Director for the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME) Residency Review Committee (RRC) for Preventive Medicine, and other representatives.

The meeting also featured the Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) providing an update on preventive medicine residency programs and progress made with the agency and specialty. Other highlights included conversations about the clinical competencies and sample rotations in individual care, the status and performance of the ACPM In-Service Exam, an update from the American Board of Preventive Medicine on the new ACGME requirements, complementary pathway, and Maintenance of Certification reporting requirements, and open dialogue on residency recruitment, combined training programs, and medical student education.

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ACPM for the first time delivered an educational session on social media and preventive medicine at its Preventive Medicine 2011 conference in San Antonio. The session, "Speak Into the Microphone: Leveraging Social Media for Population Health Improvement,” featured two leading authorities in web/social media strategies and medical society involvement in social networking, along with a panel of ACPM members sharing their experiences and articulating their vision for how and why preventive medicine physicians, as specialists whose chief concerns include health promotion among populations, need to be engaged in and perhaps leading social media strategies within their organizations.

According to speaker Steve Levine, Vice President for Communications at the Texas Medical Association and Chair of the Association of American Medical Society Executives’ Social Media Task Force, as preventive medicine physicians you should be interested in social media to:

1.Stay on top of information and developments in the field;

2.Strengthen your network; and

3.Get your message out more effectively

The session will be available online to ACPM members on ACPM’s e-portal in the coming weeks along with the full content of the annual meeting. ACPM anticipates forming a task force in the coming months to advance its social media strategies. Please don’t forget to visit ACPM’s social media resources page ( to learn how you can engage with the College and your peers through social networks to advance the preventive medicine agenda.

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ACPM held the semi-annual meeting of its Corporate Roundtable at Preventive Medicine 2011. The Corporate Roundtable (CR) is an ongoing forum for mission-aligned private sector organizations to discuss and advance issues of shared interest with the College, leveraging the impact of the nation's sole medical specialty organization primarily focused on prevention and public health with like-minded organizations from the private sector.The intent of the CR is to foster communication between ACPM and CR members about topics of mutual interest and to create jointly valuable collaborative opportunities through relationship building to advance each partner’s mission.

Sixteen companies are currently members of the CR, which launched in October 2008. The February 18 meeting featured an ACPM "President’s Forum,” at which a panel of four ACPM presidents (past, current, and future) presented their unique perspectives on the changing health care system and the role preventive medicine can and should play. ACPM senior staff Mike Barry and Paul Bonta discussed ACPM core competencies, profiles in collaboration, and legislative developments under health reform.

To learn more about the Corporate Roundtable and its members, visit

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ACPM would like to thank all of the members of the planning committee who put together such an amazing program, as well as those of you who attended the conference and supported your specialty society.We hope you returned home more informed about the latest advances in preventive medicine science, practice, and teaching. We also would like to thank our generous sponsors and loyal exhibitors who make this conference possible through their support.

ACPM encourages you to let us know what you liked about the conference and how you think it could be improved for next year (email your comments and suggestions Mike Barry or Haydee Barno at ACPM).

Didn't make it to Preventive Medicine 2011? Or perhaps you attended the conference but missed out on some important sessions? Thanks to our generous sponsors, Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality and Merck, Inc., ACPM will be providing to all ACPM members and conference attendees complimentary access to the conference session audio recordings, materials, and PowerPoint slides through the ACPM E-Portal. Earn CME and MOC credit for approved sessions. ACPM anticipates having these materials ready by early April.

Preventive Medicine 2012 – Orlando

We now set our sites on Preventive Medicine 2012 in Orlando, Florida, February 22-25Dr. Mary Applegate has been appointed Preventive Medicine 2012 chair by the ACPM President, and she is beginning to form her program planning committee. This is your opportunity to help shape next year’s conference and organize sessions that are timely and vital to the practice of preventive medicine. In addition to the rewarding experience of being part of a collective team effort that produces such an important product, your participation also earns significant points toward ACPM Fellowship and/or opportunities for advancement in the ACPM leadership pipeline.

Volunteers are needed in the following areas:

  • Clinical Preventive and Lifestyle Medicine Track
  • Public Health Practice Track
  • Prevention Policy Track
  • Career Development Sub-track
  • Wellness Activities Sub-committee
  • Conference Marketing Sub-committee
  • Abstract Judges for poster and oral presentations

If you are interested, please send an email to Haydee Barno at ACPM stating your name, contact information, affiliation and on which conference track or role you are interested in working. If you volunteer for more than one role, please indicate your order of preference.

This is a great opportunity to make a difference and create the conference you want to attend!

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